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Zenith Live 2019 Keynotes Watch Now

Global Internet Threat Insights
Inside the world's largest security platform built for the cloud

Because we can see global threats, we can stop them.

With insight into a global cloud that processes more than 75 billion transactions per day, our researchers have unique insight into threat trends related to countries of origin, target destinations, and volumes, as well as threat categories and specific family names.

This global map provides a graphical representation of the trajectory of these threats and is based on data from the previous 24 hours of cloud activity. It can be sorted by country of origination and target, and you can change the view to see only certain activities, such as botnets or current phishing campaigns. The paths are color-coded based on the severity of the threat, from yellow to red, with red representing the most severe threats.

About ThreatLabZ
ThreatLabZ is the embedded research team at Zscaler. This global team includes security experts, researchers, and network engineers responsible for analyzing and eliminating threats across the Zscaler security cloud and investigating the global threat landscape. The team shares its research and cloud data with the industry at large to help promote a safer internet.

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Vérifiez votre niveau de sécurité grâce à Security Preview, notre outil d’évaluation instantanée des risques gratuit, confidentiel et sûr. 85 % des entreprises qui effectuent ce test détectent des vulnérabilités nécessitant une attention immédiate.

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