Secure Your Workloads

Protect cloud applications from build to run with zero trust

Secure your workloads with Zscaler to simplify your security, minimize your attack surface, and dramatically reduce enterprise risk.



Posture Control

Experience DevOps and cloud native apps, secured


Workload Communications

Simple, direct, secure access for workloads to the internet and to private applications

Gartner Innovation Insight for Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

Zscaler for Workloads: Full Life
Cycle Cloud Security

Comprehensive Security Solution from Build to Run

Integrated Security Platform from Build to Run

Stop lateral threats, workload compromise, and data loss

Achieve simpler connectivity, stronger security, and superior application performance to accelerate your cloud journey.


Improve cybersecurity and data protection


Eliminate network attack surfaces


Gain superior application performance

Use cases

Build and Run Secure Cloud Apps

Efficiently prioritize and remediate risks in cloud native and VM-based apps as early as possible in the software development life cycle while securing cloud connectivity

Zero Trust Cloud Connectivity

Protect workloads, segment sensitive applications and prevent data loss without virtual firewall sprawl.

The Zero Trust Exchange

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ can help you leverage cloud, mobility, AI, IoT, and OT technologies to become more agile and reduce risk.


Complete cloud application protection powered by the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Zscaler for Workloads provides comprehensive protection to your public cloud infrastructure and applications, making cloud workload security simpler and easier to manage than ever before. It unifies both build and runtime security for cloud native and home-grown workloads running in any cloud.

Built on the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, our innovative zero trust architecture platform, Zscaler for Workloads combines four natively integrated data protection solutions to help you reduce your costs by 30% or more and eliminate up to 90% of your security policies.

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange will help you minimize your attack surface, automate for simpler security, and dramatically lower your risk.

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