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It's time to finally inspect all your SSL traffic.
No compromises.

Zscaler’s security-as-a-service enables full SSL
inspection so you can stop more threats where they hide.

How big of a problem is the growth of SSL?

It’s a huge change in the internet

The growth of SSL traffic has been significant. According to Mozilla telemetry, 70% of all web pages now use SSL. Security has become a game of hide and seek.

It’s created an enormous blind spot

Although we should be inspecting all our encrypted traffic, many companies just don’t, even though over 50% of today’s malware is hiding in SSL. Hackers couldn’t be happier.

It’s your company's biggest challenge

For companies trying to inspect SSL, the performance impact to their infrastructure can be devastating. Appliances just can’t keep up.

Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.

To secure this new world of IT, you simply need a new approach

Keep pace with SSL demands

Having an SSL solution to cover all your internet user traffic, on or off network, will close the security gaps that are left by appliance performance limitations.

Restore visibility to your security

Delivering a security stack with full SSL visibility will help you find more threats and mitigate corporate risks better.

Inspect without limitations

By having unlimited capacity to inspect all your encrypted traffic, even as your demands grow, guarantees that your security requirements are future proof.

Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.
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Zscaler SSL Inspection

The Zscaler Cloud Security platform enables “man-in-the-middle” SSL inspection at scale, without latency and capacity limitations. By pairing SSL inspection with Zscaler’s complete security stack as a cloud service, you get improved protection without the inspection limitation of appliances.

Unlimited Capacity

Inspect ALL your user’s SSL traffic, on or off network, without performance concerns. Our service will elastically scale based upon your traffic demands

Streamline Administration

Load certs once into the Zscaler Cloud, and it’s available globally across all 100 Data Centers. No more managing certificates across all your gateways individually.

Granular Policy Control

Maintain compliance by easily excluding your user’s encrypted traffic from inspection for website categories like health or banking

Safe and Secure

Latest AES/GCM and DHE ciphers for PFS supported. User Data is never stored in the cloud

Simplify Cert Management

Use our certs or bring your own. Use our API to easily rotate your certificates as often as you want.

Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.

Embrace the ultimate security stack as a service

Offered as a service from the pioneer in cloud security, Zscaler provides a full security stack with all the in-depth protection you’ll ever need. Zscaler does full inbound and outbound content analysis, and provides unlimited capacity to inspect ALL your traffic, including SSL. Every user, no matter where they connect from — on or off network — gets the same protection.

Learn About Zscaler Internet Access

Add Zscaler Advanced Threat Protection for zero-day and ransomware protection

With our inline cloud sandbox, you can provide full sandbox protection, no matter where your users go, or how they connect to the internet. Get always-on zero-day protection and ransomware protection, and in-depth visibility into the behavior of malware targeting your users. And you can also hold onto file delivery until confirmed sandbox clean.

1.  Malware severity
2.  Finds and stops evasion attempts
3.  Shows callback behavior
4.  Tracks infiltration behavior
5.  Details of files dropped
6.  Playback recording of infection

Harness the power of a globally distributed security cloud

Enjoy a faster, more secure user experience from the market leader in cloud security

With 100 data centers globally, all mobile users using Zscaler App get a fast, local connection no matter where they connect.

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform elastically scales to your users’ traffic demands, even hard-to-inspect SSL.

Zscaler processes over 60 billion transactions at peak periods and performs 120,000 unique security updates each day. Any threat detected in our cloud is blocked for every other cloud user within seconds.

Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.

Getting started is simple

With Zscaler, there is no hardware deploy or manage. By making Zscaler your next hop to the internet you’ll immediately enjoy increased security and compliance. Turn on the services you need now, and easily add more as your demands grow or as you phase out appliances

Close security gaps by adding Zscaler Advanced Threat Protection with SSL visibility

Simplify security and reduce costs by phasing out appliances and adding additional Zscaler services

Transform your network security and improve performance with direct internet connections

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