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Saving Money with Zero Trust Part 2: Decreasing Operational Complexity

juillet 18, 2023 - 2 Min de lecture

In the face of increasing economic uncertainty, organizations are doing whatever they can to prepare themselves for a recession. Budgets are shrinking, headcounts are decreasing, and employees are being challenged to do more with fewer resources. While one may hope that teams like security would be insulated from these pressures, that is sadly not the case. They also are being asked to cut costs and do more with less.

This blog series discusses how companies can save money in security and networking with a zero trust architecture. Each installment in the series includes a video that details one of the financial benefits of zero trust. Part one looked at how organizations can optimize their technology costs and spend less money on infrastructure, hardware, and bandwidth.

This blog focuses on: 

The operational inefficiency of perimeter-based architectures

Yesterday’s hub-and-spoke networks and castle-and-moat security models breed complexity that keeps admins focused on menial tasks and prevents them from performing their job duties efficiently. In other words, time and money are wasted. This occurs for multiple reasons. As an example, for every piece of hardware that is purchased, the burden of integration and ongoing maintenance increases. Similarly, for every point product security appliance that is deployed to address a specific threat or vulnerability, it means more disjointed dashboards, alert fatigue, and difficulty in manually duplicating policies across separate interfaces. Beyond these brief examples, there are many challenges that demand a great deal of oversight from high-skill, expensive labor. 

Zero trust architecture

Zero trust is a fundamentally different architecture that successfully decreases operational complexity. This simplification leads to greater operational efficiency, reduced admin time requirements, and minimized management overhead. Watch the video below to learn how zero trust can accomplish this for your organization. 

If you would like to see examples of how these savings play out in the real world, download our ebook and learn about customers who reduce costs with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. For more detailed information about the ways that Zscaler helps organizations to save money, check out our recent webinar, “6 Ways to Cut Costs with a Zero Trust Architecture.” 

Stay tuned for the next installment in this blog series, which will focus on accelerating time-to-value during mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

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