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Announcing REvolutionaries, the Revolutionary New CXO Community, and the Zero Trust Academy


Digital transformation requires zero trust. But successfully adopting zero trust requires not only getting the right platform but driving the entire organization to adopt a new cultural mindset. Roadmaps must be shared, business and IT priorities must align, and silos must be torn down. The new CXO must be both an innovator and a strategist, applying technology and architecture to drive measurable outcomes for the business. 

The Customer Experience and Transformation team at Zscaler comprises former CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, and heads of network, security, and architecture from prominent global organizations. These former practitioners bring their own real-world zero trust experience and expertise to their roles. They partner closely with Zscaler customer CXOs and future customers who are embarking on their own digital transformation journeys.

Today, I'm proud to announce the launch of two key programs, The Zero Trust Academy and the REvolutionaries CXO Community.

First, we all share a collective mission to advance the skills of the security-practitioner community. To that end, Zscaler has created the Zero Trust Academy, a certification training program focused on securing connectivity to private apps, SaaS applications, and the internet with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.

Second, digital transformation requires buy-in from and deep engagement with the C-suite and IT leadership. To empower, foster, and connect these leaders, we’re launching the Zscaler REvolutionaries Community

Zero Trust REvolutionaries are true pioneers. The REvolutionaries forum brings together visionary tech leaders to showcase zero trust success stories, share digital transformation best practices, participate in CXO-driven industry events, and connect with like-minded innovators. Featured media will include practical and actionable thought leadership content, industry case studies, news, as well as the latest cybersecurity research from the Zscaler ThreatLabZ team.

Through highlighting successful thought leadership, events, insights, and community, we can help other enterprise leaders, we can push forward new technology architectures that will allow businesses to excel at their mission, and we can set standards for a new digital future that lives securely in the cloud. It's time to seize the zero trust moment. Join me and other CXO REvolutionaries at REvolutionaries.zscaler.com


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