The Future of Cybersecurity Is Data and AI

As cyberattackers weaponize AI, organizations must return fire by leveraging a zero trust architecture with AI for more powerful threat protection and tighter risk management.


Superior AI outcomes, delivered by the world’s largest security cloud

The best AI is powered by the best data, and Zscaler operates the world’s largest security cloud, processing more than 400 billion transactions daily. Our cloud sits inline, giving Zscaler the most relevant enterprise cyberthreat data to train security-specific AI models to protect communications between users, workloads, and devices.

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AI delivers better security and more efficient IT
Pivot to proactive security

Harness the power of AI that makes security more proactive and automated.

Protect sensitive data even more effectively

Prevent data leaks while retaining AI prompts and the output of AI apps for security and audits.

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Strengthen security against emerging threats

Gain a more proactive security posture as AI helps detect and block emerging web- and file-based attacks.

Ensure secure use of tools like ChatGPT

Enjoy granular control over AI application usage with the ability to set different policies for different users.

Limit risky actions in AI apps

Prevent actions that put data at risk, like uploads, downloads, and copy/paste, with Zscaler Browser Isolation.

Solution Overview
AI drives modern security use cases
AI-powered segmentation

Automatically identify user-to-app segments facilitate the creation of zero trust access policies so you can minimize the attack surface and stop lateral threat movement.

Phishing detection

Detect and prevent patient zero phishing compromise inline with advanced AI-based detection.

Command-and-control (C2) detection

Identify and stop attacks from never-before-seen C2 infrastructure with advanced AI models that analyze traffic patterns, behavior, and malware in real time.

Fast time to data protection

Instantly protect data with ML-based automatic data classification—no configuration required—to accelerate your data protection program.

AI-driven sandboxing verdicts

Avoid patient zero infections with AI that instantly flags new malicious files without letting them enter your organization while you wait for a verdict.

AI-driven security maturity assessments

Get clear, dynamic mapping of where you are on your zero trust journey, with actionable details on how you can further reduce your cyber risk.

AI optimizes your network and the user experience

AI-driven root cause analysis
AI-driven root cause analysis

Identify root causes of poor experiences 180 times faster to help users get back to work in seconds, accelerate MTTR, and free up IT from time-consuming troubleshooting and analysis.

AI-powered IoT device discovery and classification
AI-powered IoT device discovery and classification

Streamline security and access policy creation by auto-scanning locations to find and classify IoT devices with Zscaler Zero Trust SD-WAN.


Experience the power of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Business Analytics

Gain insight and optimize risk, IT, and business performance

Cyberthreat Protection

Take a holistic approach to securing users, workloads, and devices

Data Protection

Leverage full TLS/SSL inspection at scale for complete data protection across the SSE platform

Zero Trust Networking

Connect to apps, not networks, to prevent lateral movement with ZTNA

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