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The Benefits of Adopting Zscaler’s Multimode CASB

août 05, 2021 - 3 Min de lecture

SaaS applications have significantly altered and improved the way that we work. Scalability, increased collaboration and sharing capabilities, quick and seamless adoption, and reduced costs are some of the most notable benefits, among many more—but with the many advantages of SaaS applications also come challenges and risks. Ensuring that every employee is continuously using security best practices with SaaS applications is impossible, and this uncertainty can lead to costly mistakes. Not to mention that legacy security solutions and strategies are not designed for SaaS and are insufficient in our cloud-first world. 

Fortunately, Zscaler’s multimode Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution can help to mitigate these risks and reduce uncertainty. Multimode CASB technology delivers complete visibility and control over data exposure across cloud applications; real-time proxies provide inline scanning of data in motion, while API integrations offer out-of-band scanning for data at rest within apps. Unlike premises-focused security products, Zscaler’s CASB is architected for the cloud and secures data that is stored, accessed, and shared beyond the perimeter. It serves as a central location for visibility as well as policy configuration and enforcement across cloud services. This provides simplified management for admins, ensures consistent, granular security anywhere in the cloud, and empowers organizations to reach regulatory compliance as they embrace digital transformation.

As outlined in this new eBook, Zscaler CASB offers a myriad of benefits, including, but not limited to, prevention of data leakage, discovery and control of shadow IT, and remediation of SaaS misconfigurations.


Prevention of data leakage

Organizations handle a wide variety of sensitive and regulated information. Maintaining visibility and control over this data as it moves to the cloud is critical for complying with regulations, protecting customers and employees, and maintaining brand reputation. Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides the breadth and depth of functionality that your organization needs in order to stop your cloud data from leaking.


Discovery and control of shadow IT

Unsanctioned applications (shadow IT) are apps that are used without the approval of the IT department, like risky productivity apps, messaging apps, communication apps, and cloud storage apps. As employees store and share corporate files and data within these unsanctioned applications, they create hidden avenues for data leakage. Zscaler CASB automatically discovers shadow IT in your organization, reveals the riskiness of apps visited by users, and governs access according to your preferred policies.


Remediation of SaaS misconfigurations

When deploying and managing a cloud application, there are many configuration settings that must be properly applied in order to ensure that the app functions properly and securely. Where misconfigurations exist, security hygiene suffers and sensitive data is easily exposed. Zscaler SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) integrates with your SaaS tenants via API to scan for misconfigurations that could jeopardize regulatory compliance and data security.

To discover all of the different use cases that Zscaler CASB can help you solve, be sure to read our new eBook.

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