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Cloud Security Assessment

Uncover your critical risks with Zscaler Posture Control


Identify and remediate public cloud security issues in minutes

For today's resource-starved teams, surfacing and addressing public cloud security issues can be a daunting task.


That’s why Zscaler offers a free cloud risk assessment that deploys easily in minutes and identifies the most critical risks across your public cloud footprint. It’s completely agentless, with no obligation—and it can help get your organization on the path to stronger cloud security posture in no time.


Your cloud security assessment is simple

Our assessment tool, Posture Control, is a 100% agentless cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) that combines the power of multiple point solutions such as CSPMCIEMCWPP and correlates across multiple security engines to prioritize hidden risks caused by misconfigurations, threats, and vulnerabilities across your public cloud stack, reducing costs, complexity, and cross-team friction.

Onboarding call

Our experts will walk you through the easy process of onboarding the assessment tool to your cloud environment(s) via a simple read-only API authorization.

Initial report

Posture Control will automatically generate a dynamic report that identifies cloud misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, exposed services, excessive permissions, and more across all services in your deployment.

Findings assessment

A Zscaler cloud security expert will review the report with you to ensure you understand its findings and help you plan the next steps to fortify your cloud security program.

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Uncover critical risks across your entire public cloud environment


Actionable outcomes in minutes

Complete cloud asset inventory

A comprehensive inventory of your assets and their configurations across multiple cloud accounts and organizations.

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Prioritized risks and incidents

A clear picture of your public cloud security risks and priorities, drawn from an industry-leading base of hundreds of security policies.

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Continuous compliance

Findings mapped to laws, regulations, and standards including CIS, NIST 800-53, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and optionally your own benchmarks.

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Clear, actionable remediation guidance

The ability to remediate prioritized issues via guided workflows anywhere in your life cycle, from DevOps pipelines to your production clouds.

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Why Zscaler

Take charge of hidden cloud risks

Improve InfoSec team efficiency and collaboration with Dev and DevOps
Reduce alert fatigue and consolidate cloud security point products
Take a platform approach to prioritize risk management and protect holistically
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