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Data Protection Transformed: It’s Time for the Next Phase of Data Protection


With Data Protection Transformed, Zscaler has released industry-first innovations that transform how you classify and protect data. Watch our launch broadcast to get a front-row seat to this action-packed event.

Why is it that everyone loves looking at “fail” videos? You can usually spot the impending fail in the first five seconds; knowing it isn’t going to end well, but we watch anyway. I think there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing your premonitions were right, and subsequent comfort that scenario would never happen to you.

Yet I talk to customers all the time that could put their current or past data protection program in a fail video. Either it’s too complex to operationalize, too noisy to be useful, or just doesn’t exist altogether. With thousands of data protection solutions on the market, it’s a wonder why every CISO or security architect has a story about how difficult it has been to protect their data.

Why data protection programs fail

But why are so many programs failing? Every company has smart people, and they all have the same goal – to protect their data. Part of the challenge comes with the organic nature of IT development and inertia. Let me explain

In the good old days, data stayed in the data center. It was relatively easy to predict its location, and appliance-based DLP solved the control problems quite nicely: watch everything coming and going and use DLP signatures to find and enforce the control you need. The visibility across your traffic was quite addictive, so you looked the other way when it came to administration. Sure, you had to hire some experts to maintain your regex signatures, but you had control and a plan, and it made you better for it.

Along came the cloud, and things started to get a little uncomfortable. Suddenly you had a “Shadow IT” problem. Your users have gone rogue all in the name of productivity, and have started to be careless with your data. You still had decent control with your DLP appliance, but you really needed to know what risky apps were in play in your environment. This is where CASB enters the scene. It solved the immediate pain, but it borrowed the same foundation of DLP as its predecessor. Now, not only do you have two DLP signature databases to keep up, you have disjointed policies across both, with cost and complexity as a byproduct.  

In today’s world, your data is everywhere, along with your users, devices, and cloud apps. It’s essentially the wild west, and you need a better approach to data protection. Let’s look at how Zscaler can help you better secure your data in a cloud-centered and mobile world.

Data protection transformed

If you haven’t seen our Data Protection Transform Launch, now would be a good time to check it out. We announced several ground-breaking innovations, each designed to help deliver meaningful changes to how organizations deliver data protection. The main goal was to simplify and streamline operations so data protection programs can become super simple to deploy and maintain. Let's take a look at each of these new features.   

Enterprise DLP across all channels

One of the biggest challenges with data protection is delivering consistent policy protection wherever a user or device may be. Since DLP has been around for a while, it has been delivered to the market in various stages, usually as an iteration of the one before it. Network DLP, Endpoint DLP, and CASB/DLP were all designed to solve a part of the problem. The challenge is unifying controls across all of them to ensure consistent protection.    

That’s why the concept of an Enterprise DLP is so powerful. With one completely unified solution, Zscaler’s Enterprise DLP can help you secure all data loss channels with one single policy. Since Zscaler now supports Endpoint and Email DLP, along with Saas, IaaS, PaaS and Private Apps, you now have one proven platform to help simplify and strengthen your data protection posture. Delivered from the world's largest Security Service Edge, you get the most complete data protection solution available, while enjoying the benefits of the industry's most proven, high performance inspection cloud. At the heart of all of this protection is Zscaler Proxy inspection architecture which helps you inspect all SSL, without any limitations, all while enjoying a fast user experience distributed across a global footprint of 150 data centers.  

Zero configuration data protection, powered by ML

As an industry-first innovation, Zscaler’s ML-Powered Data Discovery should be considered a game changer. Many organizations struggle with their programs due to long deployment times or operational complexity. ML-Powered Data Discovery does away with all those issues.   Instead of waiting for business unit owners to tell you what sensitive data they have and what they want to secure, you can instantly get a top-down view of everything across your organizations. Operations become seamless too, as this in-depth and constant visibility helps you quickly understand risks and pivot to policy creation in a few clicks of the mouse—no complex regex rules to deploy and maintain. It takes away all these configuration challenges, and instantly gets to doing the most important thing - securing your data.

The best part of ML-Powered Data Discovery is it can help existing data protection programs level up. Use it as a health check to understand what may be getting out of your environment and being missed by your downstream protections. As you strengthen your policies and continue your Security Service Edge journey, ML-Powered Data Discovery and other Zscaler protection features can help you further reduce complexity and costs.

Workflow automation

One of the biggest faults with data protection is it can often happen in a bubble. When incidents occur, they are either not followed up on or ignored all together. Also, users often have no clue what they did wrong, and therefore never learn from their mistakes. There’s no better way for a data protection program to fail than through lack of proper incident investigation.

With Zscaler’s acquisition of ShiftRight, these concerns go out the window. Available as a cloud-hosted solution, Zscaler’s workflow automation makes working data loss incidents a snap. Data loss incidents can be easily managed, assigned, and escalated so that you can ensure incidents get the attention they deserve. When an incident is detected, you can assign it to a user for justification, escalate it to your manager or department head, or track its progress as it works its way through the process. It’s a simple yet elegant way to ensure your data protection program and operations remain responsive, streamlined, and effective.  

Change the game on data protection

As you can see, with Zscaler Data Protection you get the most powerful solution available in the industry, all delivered from the world’s largest, most proven Security Service Edge. It’s purpose-built for cloud and mobility, while helping organizations drastically reduce cost, complexity, and deployment times. If you're interested in learning more, check out Zscaler Data Protection Transformed, or ask for a demo!

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