Welcome to Zenith Live 2018 Europe!

We are thrilled to be in London for the first European Zscaler Cloud Summit

Welcome to Zenith Live 2018 Europe!

Last June, we launched Zenith Live in Las Vegas, and we are delighted to be bringing the summit to our customers and partners at the forefront of cloud transformation across Europe. We began this journey with a mission to spark informative and inspiring conversions between business leaders, IT security experts, and technology innovators, and that’s exactly what happened in Vegas. I truly look forward to resuming those conversations in London.

The conference begins on Sunday, 21 October, with training for Zscaler Cloud Transformation Specialist certifications. The three tracks, covering secure SD-WAN, secure application access, and cloud security all quickly sold out, but you can learn about ongoing certification opportunities at the Zscaler Community portal. The full conference takes place on Monday and Tuesday, when we’ll present keynotes and general sessions along with 18 interactive breakout sessions for CXOs, network and security architects and practitioners, and operations professionals.

Among our honored guests will be speakers from some of the world’s leading companies who will share their insights and expertise during our keynote and general sessions. We’re so grateful to have these visionaries at Zenith Live:

  • Alex Simons, Corporate VP of Program Management, Identity Division
  • Frederik Janssen, Global Head, IT Infrastructure, Siemens
  • Didier Duriez, EVP, Global Solutions, Orange Business Services
  • David Pinto, Global Head of Network and Security, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Jonathan Sheldrake, Director, Unified Communication and Network Services, Carlsberg Group
  • Paul Collinge, Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft

If you are not able to join us in London, I invite you to watch these keynote and general sessions livestreamed at https://www.zscaler.com/zenithlive-2018-live-stream.

There are many people who made Zenith Live possible and I look forward to thanking them in person at the event. Above all, I would like to thank our many European customers for being a part of the Zscaler family and joining us in London. This event is for you.

Enjoy Zenith Live!

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