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Join me at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

octobre 18, 2019 - 3 Min de lecture

Zscaler was founded at a time when the use of cloud applications was emerging in the enterprise and users were becoming more mobile, connecting over unsecured networks and using unmanaged devices like their smartphones. We knew these trends were just beginning and, for the past 11 years, we have been focused on helping customers take advantage of the cloud’s game-changing efficiencies and agility through secure cloud transformation.

Now that cloud transformation is a major initiative on executive agendas, I expect that it will be a central theme at the Gartner IT Symposium, which is one of the reasons I am looking forward to attending next week.

On the first day of the conference, I will have the pleasure of sharing the stage with Alex Philips, the CIO of National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a true innovator and a great Zscaler customer. During our presentation, Alex will explain how his team navigated the journey to the cloud, including their challenges, successes, and lessons learned. It’s a fascinating story that offers other executives, along with networking and security professionals, the opportunity to hear about a real-world cloud transformation from someone who has successfully navigated the journey. I will join his discussion, sharing some of the insights my team and I have gained over the years working with companies like NOV.

Throughout the event, Gartner’s teams of analysts will present hundreds of sessions covering AI, infrastructure, leadership, security, and many other key matters. One topic I hope they’ll discuss is the “secure access service edge” (SASE), the Gartner model that calls for a cloud-based “secure edge” that is simple, scalable, and flexible, with low latency and high security. I believe that the SASE model makes a strong case for a position that I have long espoused: existing corporate network and security models are obsolete in the world of cloud and mobility. Gartner advocates a cloud-native architecture rather than a single-tenant security cloud, where legacy vendors spin up virtual firewalls in a public cloud. We all know that you can’t build a Netflix service by deploying thousands of DVD players in a data center.

Why? Relying on the data center as the literal center of a company’s network makes no sense in a world in which more and more applications are moving to the cloud and users are accessing applications anywhere, at any time, from a multitude of devices. Requiring user traffic to travel over a hub-and-spoke network to a central data center before heading out to the cloud leads to a frustratingly slow user experience and exposes a company to unnecessary risk. The cloud has broken traditional networking and security, which means that moving to the cloud using traditional models, in turn, breaks the cloud experience.   

Each year, I look forward to events like the Gartner IT Symposium because I truly enjoy meeting with the CIOs and IT executives driving cloud transformation in their organizations. I’m always inspired by their experiences and the insights they discover on their cloud journeys, and I hope to have the opportunity to hear about yours.

Learn more about the Gartner IT Symposium in Orlando.

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Jay Chaudhry is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Zscaler


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