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Security maximized, budget minimized

World-class internet security for midsize and emerging growth companies.

Emerging growth companies are the principal targets of cybercrime

Cybersecurity is a concern shared by businesses of all sizes, but it represents an especially dangerous threat to smaller companies. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) have become the preferred target of cybercriminals, largely because these companies tend to have fewer security resources in place than large enterprises.

Zscaler helps to level the playing field by bringing sophisticated, cloud-based security to SMBs. Zscaler was founded on the belief that cloud enablement is a business imperative, and not just for the largest enterprises.

The increasing adoption of cloud services and the ubiquity of mobility represent a sea change in security, breaking the traditional castle-and-moat model. Your mobile users are going direct to the internet, bypassing security controls, which takes away your visibility, control, and ability to inspect and secure their traffic. To protect your users and data in today's environment, you can’t rely on yesterday’s hardware solutions. You need to embrace the cloud to secure the cloud.

79 percent of small businesses do not have a cyberattack response plan.
2015 Small Business study by Nationwide

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Secure, simplify, and transform your business with Zscaler’s 100% cloud security platform

World-class security that is easy to deploy, easy to manage, easy to love.

  • Simplified IT -  no hardware or software to purchase or manage. IT staff is free to focus on more critical tasks than updating signatures and maintaining boxes.
  • No compromises -  full inline content inspection of all traffic—all bytes, all ports, and all protocols, including SSL.
  • Better security - uses real-time threat intelligence from a dozen different prevention techniques to stop known threats, prevent zero-day attacks, and predict new attacks using machine learning and behavioral analysis. Once a threat is detected from any of our 50 billion requests per day, it’s immediately blocked for every one of our users.
  • Real-time visibility - instant access to all traffic logs on a global scale with the ability to drill down on threats by location and user for quick remediation. It can take hours or days to get this type of information from appliances, if it’s possible at all.
  • Immediate policy enforcement - single policy definition point that immediately enforces any policy change worldwide on the very next web GET request. The context-aware policies follow the user and are enforced no matter where the user connects.

Zscaler provides 100% cloud delivered Internet security
Check how healthy is your Internet security with Security Preview, Zscaler's free security scan

How secure are you?

Check your security with our instant risk assessment, Security Preview. It’s free, confidential and safe. 85% of companies who run this test find vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

Are those traditional security appliances giving you a false sense of security?

Add Zscaler to improve and simplify your security

In a recent study, Forrester discovered that 98 percent of decision-makers believe that cloud-delivered integrated security platforms offer superior protection, at a lower cost, compared to traditional security appliances. They’re right. Point products were not designed to work together, so you are left to try to aggregate the data each provides about traffic and threat patterns in order to construct a picture of your network. If there are security gaps, you won’t be able to see them.

But Zscaler is a platform of tightly integrated security services that identify and block threats in real time, eliminating the need for multiple point solutions. Zscaler provides a holistic view of your entire network. In seconds, you can gain visibility into all of the applications used by employees—as well as threats blocked, policies enforced, and any botnet-infected machines—for all users, anywhere they may be.

Moving to the cloud offers advantages that SMBs have been quick to recognize and are eager to adopt—advantages like better security, cost savings, simplified management, and improved user satisfaction.

Security professionals are fed up with having multiple vendor point solutions and appliances. The call is for integrated, cloud-based security.
Zscaler’s integrated cloud security platform delivers the security and compliance you need, while reducing costs and complexity. Zscaler provides better protection than any appliance—or stack of appliances—ever could.

The majority of emerging growth companies are already using cloud-based applications, and this rapid adoption has also made them more attractive to cybercriminals.

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Industry experts agree that Zscaler is a leader in cloud security

The SC Awards’ Winner (2016) — Zscaler Best Cloud Computing Security

The SC Awards’ Winner (2016) — Best Cloud Computing Security

Zscaler Cloud Firewall won the Best Cloud Computing Security Solution award by SC Magazine.

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Zscaler, a leader in Gartner magic quadrant for secure web gateways, for six consecutive years

For the 7th consecutive year
Zscaler is named a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways

Zscaler is, once again, in the Gartner Leaders Quadrant with the furthest position for Completeness of Vision.

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Zscaler, a leader in the Forrester Wave for web content security

Get on board! Zscaler a leader in the Forrester Wave

Forrester recognizes Zscaler with highest score among all vendors in the current offering, strategy and market presence categories.

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