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Secure Cloud Migration

Secure remote access to your migrated applications.

You’re migrating apps to cloud. But what about application access?

Each day, organizations are moving apps to Azure, AWS, and Google for a variety of reasons, such as faster innovation, addressing urgent capacity needs, and refreshing infrastructure.

Even in the midst of this cloud transformation, and the perimeter extending to the internet, many enterprises still rely on technologies built in the old world, when apps resided solely in the data center. In fact, 62 percent of enterprises view secure application access across both data center and cloud as their biggest challenge today. Legacy technology places users on-net and leads to complexity that slows the migration to cloud, making it hard for enterprises to realize a return on their cloud investment.

To reduce legacy complexity that’s holding them back, 37 percent of enterprises will begin adopting zero trust strategy with a multicloud use case.

VPN History

IT has evolved. Now application access must as well.

Time for a modern, zero trust approach to access apps in the cloud

Application-based security

Before: In the past, teams were forced to place users on the network to provide them with access to a public cloud.
After: A modern approach provides authorized users with secure access to apps using the internet.

Seamless and consistent experience

Before: Legacy technologies frustrated users and made them think about which apps they were accessing and how to access them.
After: Users connect the same way to apps running in the data center as they do to those in the cloud and from any device or location.

Accelerate application migration

Before: Setting up appliances and managing ACLs and FW policies took too much time and effort.
After: ZPA is software-based and makes security simple to deploy across all app and environment types.

A secure cloud architecture built to support all apps and clouds

The Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) service provides secure remote access to internal applications in the cloud without placing users on the corporate network. The cloud service requires no complex remote access VPN gateway appliances, and uses cloud-hosted policies to authenticate access and route user traffic to the closest application location to them. ZPA is a true software-defined solution that can work in conjunction with direct access technology. It directly connects customer data centers with cloud service provider data centers.

secure cloud architecture built to support all apps and clouds
1. ZPA Public Service Edge
  • Hosted in cloud

  • Used for authentication

    Used for authentication

  • Customizable by admins

  • Brokers a secure connection between a Client Connector and App Connector

2. Zscaler Client Connector (formerly Zscaler App/Z App)
  • Mobile client installed on devices

  • Requests access to an app

3. App Connector
  • Sits in front of apps in the data center, Azure, AWS, and other public cloud services

  • Provides inside-out TLS 1.2 connections to broker

  • Makes apps invisible to prevent DDoS attacks

Enterprise benefits of zero trust


Fast, direct access to the cloud with a cloud-like user experience.


Remote users are never placed on the network, but instead are given access to apps based on policy.


There are no appliances to purchase, and teams can optimize the bandwidth of direct access technologies.


Standardized security reduces security and networking complexity and accelerates cloud initiatives.

MAN Energy Solutions
See how MAN Energy Solutions uses ZPA as a more secure way to connect end users to internal apps, including those that have been migrated to a public cloud.

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Make your move to cloud a secure one

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