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Saving Money with Zero Trust Part 3: Accelerating M&A Time-to-Value

août 02, 2023 - 2 Min de lecture

As economic uncertainty continues to run amok and give rise to fears of a recession, organizations the world over are trying to reduce their costs across the board. Unfortunately, even critical teams like security and networking are needing to tighten their belts. But how can these groups accomplish this while still stopping the onslaught of increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats and ensuring the ongoing functioning of their organizations’ day-to-day operations? 

This blog series discusses the various ways that companies can save money with a zero trust architecture. Each installment includes a video that details one of the key financial benefits of embracing zero trust. The first blog revolved around simplifying infrastructure and eliminating appliances to optimize technology costs. The second reviewed the importance of decreasing complexity to increase operational efficiency and reduce management overhead.

This post focuses on: 

Wasted time and money during M&A

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are of strategic importance for many organizations. Unfortunately, perimeter-based architectures get in the way of completing meticulously planned M&A processes and capturing the benefits of doing so. Because of how these architectures are designed to deliver connectivity and security, they create immense complexity (not to mention risk) and make it difficult to perform IT integration when two organizations are being combined into one. As a result, time and money are wasted. 

Zero trust architecture

Zero trust provides a fundamentally different approach to security and connectivity. It changes the status quo and helps organizations to avoid the complex shortcomings of hub-and-spoke networks and castle-and-moat security models. The result? Faster mergers and acquisitions with fewer costs. Watch the below video about the common financial challenges of M&A and how zero trust can help.

To see real-world examples of organizations that unlocked these and other financial benefits with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, download our ebook. To learn more about the ways that Zscaler saves money for customers, watch our on-demand webinar, “6 Ways to Cut Costs with a Zero Trust Architecture.” 

Keep an eye open for the next post in this blog series, which will review the importance of stopping cyberthreats and data breaches in order to save money.

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